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Insuring Trucks of all Sizes for all Purposes

Trucks present unique operational abilities and requirements.  Like cars and buses, trucks are used for numerous personal and commercial purposes.  Whether in North Platte, Ogallala or other areas, one needs protection from the risks that arise from operations.  Coverage is essential, and at American Agency NP, LLC we provide this protection through exceptional insurance and risk management packages.

You need insurance coverage that’s tailored to your unique truck use.  Whether you use your own truck for personal or commercial purposes or you use a fleet of trucks as part of a business, you need truck insurance that meets your needs and mitigates risk.  Having a company that understands the risks you face as a truck operator and owner is not only helpful, it’s essential.  We understand this, and our local agents will get to know each aspect of your truck operation and the risks that this operation exposes you to. 

We’ve been insuring truckers and truck operators for almost 30 years, and we know how in-depth and detailed their needs can be.  We’re experienced at protecting against these risks so that truck owners and operators don’t suffer unnecessary financial loss.  We are eager to help, and will ensure that you pay the most competitively-priced premiums possible.  


Tailored Coverages and Ongoing Support 

Whether you have a custom-built personal truck or a fleet of commercial trucks with additions like trailers and transportation compartments and a staff of drivers, you need coverage.  No matter what you have or what purpose it serves, you need coverage that provides adequate protection.  This coverage can be personal or commercial, but it should always be comprehensive and continuously protective.

Personal Trucks 

Personal trucks might have rims, trailers, sound systems, or other special parts or tools that need protection.  As part of your personal auto policy you can purchase coverage that provides this protection. Depending on what you do with your truck, your risk coverage needs may differ from those of typical drivers.  If you go off-road or use your truck for competition in any way, you may need additional coverages. 

For most drivers, coverages include the following:


·         Liability Coverage

·         Comprehensive Coverage

·         Collision Coverage

·         Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage

·         Diminishing Deductible

·         Accident Forgiveness

·         Minor Violation Forgiveness

·         Roadside Assistance

·         Specialty Auto Insurance

·         24-Hour Customer Service

·         Towing

·         Rental Reimbursement

·         Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

·         Mexican Auto Insurance

·         Medical Payments Coverage

If you need specialty coverages, it is best to speak with an agent.  Our agents can help identify your coverage needs and can help you select coverages that meet these needs.  


Commercial Trucks

Commercial truck owners and operators face some of the same risks that personal owners and operators face, but they face many unique risks too.  These include high repair and maintenance costs and a high numbers of injuries that result from commercial truck operations.  To protect against these risks, a complete and broad insurance policy is necessary.

Typically, commercial truck insurance includes the following coverages:

·         Commercial truck liability

·         Physical damage

·         Uninsured/underinsured motorists

·         Truck cargo


There are many other options in addition to the above coverages, and in some cases these options have subcategories.  Each type of coverage is designed to protect specific types of trucks and the purposes that these trucks serve.  They also protect truck drivers and owners. 

These vehicles are classified as commercial trucks:

·         Semis

·         Dump trucks

·         Garbage trucks

·         Car haulers and auto trailers

·         Tow trucks

·         Flatbed trucks

·         Box trucks

To find out more about what coverage needs you have and how to purchase insurance that meets these needs, talk to one of our agents.  


Experience the Superior Services 

Since commercial and personal truck insurance varies widely depending on the vehicle insured and the purposes a vehicle serves, it can be difficult to get the right coverage for the right price.  That’s why at American Agency Mortgage Company we make understanding and finding coverage and paying the right price for coverage simple and easy.

We work with you to find out exactly what you need and how to mitigate the risks that you face.  As an independent agency, we make finding appropriate coverage easy by shopping on your behalf from more than six carriers.  Once we find the right coverage we optimize your policy so that it gives you the best value.  This means that you pay the lowest possible premiums and get complete protection over time. 

Contact an agent or give us a call today to get started.  We’re ready to help you.

American Agency NP, LLC is proud to provide personal and commercial truck insurance in North Platte, Ogallala, McCook, Lexington, Mullen, and Sutherland, NE.  

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